Rotaract MUN Salerno 2023

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Hospitality and sharing belong to our culture because they are the founding values of the Hippocratica Civitas, the medieval Salerno, melting pot of different cultures with its glorious Scuola Medica Salernitana: a centre of excellence for medicine where Latin, Greek, Jewish, and Arab medical traditions met and fused, and where women not only studied but also taught.


Our vision for the Rotaract MUN Salerno 2023 project does not stop at the logistical organisation of the conference. Throughout the conference, every venue and every activity will allow our delegates to get to know our territory, history, and culture. As young Rotarians, we believe deeply in our responsibility to promote and encourage awareness,understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of different people, cultures, beliefs, and attitudes, which is at the heart of the UN and RI.

Positive Peace

The RotaractMUN Salerno will highlight, throughout the whole process, the Rotary Values and Areas of Focus with a crucial value given to Positive Peace. Defined as the attitudes, institutions, and structures that, when strengthened, lead to a more peaceful society, Positive Peace describes an optimum environment for human potential to flourish.